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White on Black on White on Black


An experiment conducted to compare the difference between printing white on white and black paper, and printing black on black and white paper. Assorted paper from different companies are used to emphasise the fact that each type of paper has its own absorption quality. Moreover, the whiteness and the blackness of each paper affects the white and black ink distinctively.

The fascinating part of this piece is that when the audience try to read the word “black” and “white” on the paper, they will start to have questions whether which part is the ink, and which part is the paper. With techniques of screen printing the whole background and leave the text as the non-printed area, mixed with screen printing text, the work itself is such a fun puzzle to figure out.

screen print on assorted black & white papers
placed on KeayKolour Cobblestone 300gsm
60 x 84 cm
edition of 20

as part of The Archivist’s solo show,
'One-month Journey'
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