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Moiré Chart


Moiré Chart is full of excitement! The studio had given this piece a nickname called “plane dials” (we personally thought that is what it resembles). With 20 grey circles as the background, and two more layers of blue and red, one of each printed in different angles. The rule is to print each layer one by one because the angles had to be moved systematically. Even if it was such a huge mess in cleaning, the results are astonishing. The angles that overlapped created diversified dimensions with the same amount of ink and layers in every circle. This piece is a great reference or it can just easily be aesthetically pleasing on your walls.

3-colour, 43-layer screen print
on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell White 270gsm
60 x 84 cm
edition of 20

as part of The Archivist’s solo show,
'One-month Journey'

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