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Opacity, Medium & Water


A comparison test between “water” and “medium” is resulted from one of the studio’s work when the colour ran out while printing. To complete the printing session, water was added, resulting in small cracks that are naturally appealing and attractive. Min then started to explore more about this spectacular texture by mixing water at 50:50 ratio down to 4 times, a procedure that no one else would have done. The way the colour and water collide, blending and dividing once dried, controlling the uncontrollable has just been developed very recently. We are certain that artists who are obsessed with textures will love the piece and be inspired. On the other hand, the medium side has an exceptionally stable outcome, suitable for designers that seek perfection in reducing the opacity of the ink.

12-colour screen print
on KeayKolour Cobblestone 300gsm
60 x 84 cm
edition of 20

as part of The Archivist’s solo show,
'One-month Journey'
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