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Counting Dominoes


Ink stacking technique is to print over the same area, after the previous layer dried, multiple times. The ink will stack up and have an effect similar to embossing creating an impressive technique for people who have just begun to learn about screen print. We often find ourselves touching it involuntarily after printing, and people often say, “WOW” once they lay hands on the ink’s texture. For this particular piece, the difference between each layer is demonstrated one by one through the number of dots on the dominoes. The dots indicate the number of times it is printed on, therefore one dot means one layer while six dots mean six layers. As the number of dots increase, its surface thickens. Since the first time that we started screen-printing, using the human senses with the prints is a priority. Likewise, this layer by layer chart is not an option but an essential.

2-colour, 28-layer screen print
on SKIN Stone 270gsm
60 x 84 cm
edition of 20

as part of The Archivist’s solo show,
'One-month Journey'
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