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my MA final project at Central Saint Martins, Hand vs Machine
the work was exhibited at the Rochelle School, London from 9-12 June 2010

 scanned drawings from white to black and black to white

A book of white


The evil that machinery is doing is not merely in the consequence of its work but in the fact that it makes men themselves machines also.'
- Oscar Wilde

We seem to judge only by an end result, the execution. That which we overlook or that which appears empty may well have consisted of much before it become nothing. We pay much attention to non-existence but never look and see what is actually there.

White drawing ink and white on screen is a metaphor to suggest this. The left pages show scanned drawings, originally made by hand and on the right pages, a drawing made with the computer. Although both were created by using the exactly the same rules and actions – the results are without doubt, very different.

pen & ink on paper
6 x 6 cm

0.3125mm with .18mm black and .25mm white (detail)

a book of white, 2010
84 pages, hand-bound book, 14 x 14 cm

A Visual Sleep Diary


from 9-15 March, 2009
15-min time lapse photograph of my sleeping during one week in daylight, artificial light and darkness. exterior and interior, (from left to right) 12pm to 12pm of the next day

digital print
148 x 44 cm

twenty 10


A Thematic Exploration by the MA Students of Central Saint Martins
exhibited at Westminster Reference Library 20-31 January 2009

Using the inherent repetition of Braille, I created patterns.
The numbers 0, 1, 2, appear as characters from the word "Twenty/Ten", which can be read and understood in a variety of ways: “twenty_ten_, 2010_, 2010, 20_10_, t_w_e_n_t_y__t_e_n_, 2_0_1_0_, twenty_10___, t___w___e___n___t___y___t___e___n___, 20_t_e_n_, 2___0___1___0___."

Braille slate and stylus on paper
100 x 20 cm

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