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Neon & Silver


This screen print is all about the special colours. Although we always use special colours at our studio because of a necessity to mix new colours and wash the screen every time. In the industrial printing system, to mix colours are rare, unless the payment is worthwhile, since it is a time consuming process. We are more familiar with the CMYK system because it is fast, easy, and cheap. Fortunately, every colour in screen-printing started from a clean slate so we were able to do anything with it. For this piece, water-based silver ink is printed on each sides of the paper separately because the frame was not big enough to fit the whole thing but the overlapping parts turned out cooler than ice. The tube sticks had its opacity lowered as in
a computer, where some corners are in focus and some disappeared.

3-colour, 20-layer screen print
on SKIN Ivory 270gsm
60 x 84 cm
edition of 20

as part of The Archivist’s solo show,
'One-month Journey'

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