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Hand vs Machine

A repetitive hand-made drawing placed alongside its counterpart
created by the computer questioning how has the age of digital reproduction changed the way we live nowadays

part of my MA final project at Central Saint Martins
the work was exhibited at the Rochelle School, London from 9-12 June 2010

pencil, pen and laser print on paper
63.5 x 45 cm

9,277 lines, 11h 9m / 4m 1s

3,952 outlined squares, 8h 51m / 1m 50s

7,701 lines, 14h 58m / 4m 33s

1,976 triangles and 988 hexagons, 10h 5m / 6m 28s

286 boxes, 15h 6m / 7m 50s

2,025 hexagons, 22h 28m / 6m 55s

9,880 lines (v.), 13h 45m / 8m 40s

9,880 lines, 23h 35m / 8m 10s

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